Radio Snowflake landed in 2013, but the station has a big history inIrish Radio. Our original team in the 1980s were led by Dave Reddy, for many years the station broadcast on FM and AM with a huge following.

Technology has changed, Since 2013 it's run by experienced programmer and presenter David Baker. He is promising a station that people will be proud of and a station that relates to its listeners. He has recruited a top team of broadcasters from home and abroad.

Follow us on facebook, twitter and listen live across internet radio platforms. Take us on the move wherever you go.   There is a massive growth in internet radio listening  and the way people listen to radio choosing stations like ours to the old fashioned FM. People plug in in their cars, listen at work and now even listen to this type of radio when out for cycles and jogs.

We really hope you enjoy Radio Snowflake this Christmas 2019. It will be the no.1 choice through the season !!!

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